Thursday, September 3, 2009

Volunteers of America

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No matter how hard you work, if you don't get paid for it, it's not considered a job. Part time jobs are few and far between these days so instead I volunteer at my kids' school and my church. I do it because I love it not for monetary gain.

An unnamed loser on an internet message board once told me, "At least I have a job. Do you ever leave the house?" Hell hath no fury like a stay-at-home mom scorned. Instead of engaging in a flame war, I ignored him at the time. But then he insulted another member's daughter and let's just say that karma's bite in the butt is a little painful to say the least.

Truth is, I never put hardly any energy into any job that I was paid for. At least I didn't get a lot of enjoyment over it. But I get enjoyment out of the jobs for which I volunteer.

It was Ronald Reagan who spoke of the spirit of volunteering in Temecula. It must be contagious because I didn't get into the spirit until I moved here.

I help kindergarten kids learn their letters and numbers. I help elementary kids write compositions. I teach Sunday school to elementary kids and plan crafts to teach them about art through God. There's hardly any art classes in school anymore, so if there's the next Picasso it's my duty to find that talent and bring it out.

If I were paid for any of these things, I doubt I'd derive as much happiness as I do now. As a volunteer, none of this work is a chore. I do it out of the kindness of my heart. And to keep an eye on my kids. Over protective? Maybe. But never unhappy.

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  1. "so if there's the next Picasso it's my duty to find that talent and bring it out"

    You're brilliant. I'm so glad you get to volunteer, especially with kids. I so wish I could do that right now. I've only done volunteer and not-for-profit projects so far and those were beautiful experiences.

  2. I wouldn't put any stock in message board losers. ;) I've chilled on message boards of all stripes of late because I got tired of the insults from, of all people, those who agree mostly with me, but who are so wrapped up in their own vitriol they can't see it. Keep diggin' what you do. The lady and I have made a pact to spend some time each week on "research night" to find either great part-time, new full-time, or volunteer work to add to our lives. Glad you found yourself something you enjoy!