Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dig Up Your Treasure Chest

I heard the Parable of Talents as a child, but it didn't sink in until I was a teenager. I made a vow to use 5 talents: singing, dancing, art, writing and acting. I pursued all of those while in college because I had the youthful energy for them. I sang in my school choir, co-captained the pom pon squad, drew portraits, was editor of the school newspaper, and acted in school plays.

But when I reached adulthood, I lost my energy because I refused to search for outlets to use the talents God gave me. It was like I buried them like the jealous servant who was given only one talent because he was ticked off at the two servants who were given more. The only talent I kept at for the past 20+ years is writing, and even that I buried.

It didn't dawn on me until recently that I'm putting all talents to use in church by helping out with children's ministries. I volunteered for the ministries because I wanted my kids to participate. When they asked for help, I said "Yes!" right away not knowing if I still had the talents or the energy to employ them. I recalled from acting classes that talent is not nearly as important as energy. You have energy first and then earn the talent.

So, like a servant who learned her lesson, I'm digging up this one talent so that I may go out and earn the rest back. If anyone has lost their energy for doing what they love, then I suggest grabbing a shovel and dig up what you've buried in the back yard.


  1. In Chicago, digging up what you buried isn't so advisable. If you're in the wrong spot, what you find might not be something you want to. ;)

  2. I can relate to the "burying part." I don't have tremendous talent with music, but what little I do have I have been using at church playing keyboards. You must have A LOT of energy to be involved with children's ministry... good for you!